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Be CEO of You™... Your Life...Your Business...Sparkle!

 CobWebs2Clarity _  Feel Totally Amazing And Get Desired Results In Your Life... In Your Business

Find Your Purpose...Be CEO of You... Release Suffering, Grief, Pain, Depression as you Get Moving Again And  Transform Your Life and Business as you get The Sparkle Experience

Says Ruby Wight "I Love Working With Michele!"

A Journey... To Be CEO Of You™


Feeling Totally Energized and Free of Overwhelm, Stress and Distress, Being Totally at Peace

  • Get Instant and Focused Clarity - Freedom to Unleash Your Creative Genius. When You Connect with Michele, You potentially GET this each and every time! LOVE-Filled Sparkle Energy!

  • Get Simple yet Powerful tools to add to your tool kit. ALL SYAMMP program members, as well as VIP Clients) have access to these 24/7 in the SYAMMP Membership Portal.

  • Effectively Engage the Law of Attraction - Understand, Be More Self-Aware, Care, Get Focused Clarity, Increase Your Positivity Quotient using the Sparkle Approach System and Approach. SIMPLE! 

  • Discover...

    Different Possibilities - Jump Start!  No More Therapy Sessions and Pouring Out Same Old Stories Repeatedly?!!!!

  • Release negative self-talk, doubts, fears and trauma easily without having to tell your stories over and over... and over... again

  • Shift from “hoping to...", to "feeling good" at all different ways.  As Michele works with you, notice what you notice.  More often than not, her clients notice gentle shifts, especially in and around what was bothering or stressing them out before the session.

  • Get more flow and ease in the “challenge” areas of your life.  The Beauty, Grace and Ease of Sparkle Energy.

  • Embrace...

    Positive Change! Engaging Hearts & Minds! Get Self-Mastery in the B.A.N.K. System. Make People Matter! 

  • Get Big Change through people as you can learn how to really make people matter  Michele is a certified B.A.N.K. trainer and has embraced B.A.N.K. Methodology to provide training and support as well as continues to add sparkle to relationships and Bottomline Business Profits. Ask Her HOW and perhaps even Join Her TEAM! 

  • Get Winning at Increasing Your Impact, Influence with Potentially Up To 300% Increase in Sales and Income 

  • Improve, Build Relationships and have FUN at Work! Get learning about B.A.N.K. IOS and the simple and brilliant B.A.N.K. System, tools and technology understanding The Art and Science of INFLUENCE and Why People Buy

  • Tired to Energized AND Looking 10+ Years Younger,,,

    Overwhelmed? Feeling weighed down? Can't sleep? Stressed... or just simply worn out and tired? Listen as Michele interviews Carol Soderlund...

    BEFORE Carol's Sparkle Session.  Picture taken after lunch the day she had a Sparkle Session with Michele.

    AFTER: This Is how Carol looked right after her Sparkle Session at the end of the conference and full last day. Her friends were squealing in amazement, "Look at yourface! How do you feel? You've got to go ... and look at your face!" 


    NOTE: The experiences described in these video testimonials on this page and website are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.

    BOOK My Breakthrough Discovery Call! [ Value $1500 ]

    Emotional Processing...

    "I appreciate doing business with Michele..It got me to process the emotions....I saw a huge increase my business over the last two years doing business together with Michele. it's quite amazing actually.,,

                                                                            - Dorel Samoila

    You Helped Change My Life!

    Sandra Cortes Rodrigues, HR Manager - For 10 years, Sandra could not talk about her mother and held guilt and regrets about her mother's passing. After one session with Michele, this is her story...

    Bursitis, Pain Gone - Avoided
    Surgery the Next Day!

    Ken Thompson, Retired Safety Manager - Michele Worked On Me twice, 10 years Ago
    and (since then) I No Longer have Bursitis or pain in my left arm

    "I was a broken person before I came to you.... It's Amazing..." Wilma Monje

    "So much has changed in a year..." Eduardo Ruiz ... 

    ' Michele's process works!" Dorothy Andreas


    I spent decades not realizing that the thoughts whizzing through my mind were NOT me.  

    It took me almost a decade to find a way that I could tame and calm the "Gremlins" and "Monkey" chatter so I could find ME, amidst the barrage of natterings. 

    Then it took another two decades for me to step into who I really am and how I can help and support people today...

    you! Trying and hoping that you get through challenges and obstacles that seem daunting, maybe even insurmountableI give you EVERYTHING that I've got, and keep on giving. I have saved my clients DECADES of searching & experimenting with the knowledge, skills, wisdom and intuitive knowing that I have amassed on my own journey and I'll do this for you too.

    I did this the HARD way and I have dissected, put it together and pulled it apart time and again to where it is so simple, it looks like kindergarten. It Looks Simple, yes, but it is Not Easy to do as it takes commitment and heart. Your commitment to YOU.

    I am a transformational catalyst and I also empower you as my intention is to get you fishing as best as you can. Not to do all the fishing for you. You will add to your own tool box, simple and powerful tools as I see applicable, to get you through your life AND business challenges (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well-being) in these on-line sessions. 

    You will potentially arrive at a level of awareness, able to see your own answers as you and your perspectives shift. Perhaps you'll get to a big picture view of your challenges, projects and potentials and be amazed at the reveal.  

    You get my system, structure, processes and tools to navigate your daily life at work and at home. It's a journey to Self-Mastery, to achieve harmony, stability, more predictability always having a workable plan with your desired level of accountability coaching and connection with me.

    OKAY - So What Is "SPARKLE"?

    "Sparkle" aka "Matrixchi" is a gift of doing energy work my own way. My very first paying clients named this "Sparkle" well over a decade ago. A few of my quantum energy healing modality mentors pointed out I had this gift as I wasn't doing what I was learning to do. My journey started when I went searching for a way to heal my knee to avoid arthroscopy surgery. This has not been an easy path as I have been or "gift" for me to share with others that I have in the past. I am sharing this with you here. Now.

    Why work with me?

    You're heart-centered and you're looking for a mentor, a coach, who can support you in tackling the many challenges you're dealing with in your life and possibly Also - in your business and work. You're not really sure what you're looking for but you know you want quiet from the thoughts whizzing around in your head that may be keeping you awake at night.

    Or perhaps you are hard pressed to stop the stress, overwhelm or heavy emotions that sweep over and through you in your quiet times. Perhaps you have no one to turn to or don't want to tell anyone anything because you're a private kind of personNo one perhaps even actually knows your inner turmoil as you keep it hidden well. Way too much on your plate. You might even think it Impossible to find ONE coach /mentor/consultant, who could possibly help you with this personal, emotional stuff as well as with Business process/strategy issues. Right? WRONG!

    You've come to the Right Place, and at Right Time as if you're here, I can help, support and empower you, and you also get to Experience the Sparkle - The Sparkle Experience.

    My Style

    I like to understand and build a good working relationships. I shoot straight from the hip always - I don't mince wordsDirect and to the point, time is a precious commodity. Always being authentically me is how I roll. It's about INTEGRITY first and foremost. Proactive is always best, not reactive, with the highest intentions for you. My intention too is for You to get to truly Be CEO of You™ ...


    Optimize Teamwork, Continuously improve, optimize systems, processes and relationships... deal with technology, manage people, resources and processes - Right people, at the Right Place, at the Right Time. Seize opportunities and translate that into Win-Win engagements. Find the hook for optimum performance and find the FUN in things to get the benefits of the spirit of competitiveness going where appropriate. Work with no play makes for a boring day - you gotta smile every once in a while.

    Along with Sparkle, there's a huge repertoire of tools and expertise I draw from, that allows me to support you powerfully, in a way that will support and empower potentially in a way you never thought possible.

    My Hats

    * Over three decades experience and expertise in process, management, facilitation and systems thinking ==> Hewlett-Packard, Corod, Zedi Inc. and so on

    * Certified B.A.N.K. Trainer, Certified Law of Attraction Life *Coach, ISO 9001 Lead Assessor, Qualified KT PSDM program facilitator

    * Design & Implementation - Corod ISO 9002 Certified in a year**, a feat that usually takes a team at least 2 years to accomplish. 

    * Bauer Certified Presenter/Closer Practitioner

    * Author of Sparkle and Shine - Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home and Work) with downloaded diagrams (over 48 hour period), 4 Keys to Be CEO Of You™, The Guidebook for The Feel Good Deck of 45 Cards

    * Powerful Intuitive Art Sparkle Templates that help my SYAMMP Members in completing their program Assignments 

    * Healing Intuitive Sparkle Paintings (energy infused), that from time to time I share with my clients from time to time, with art works for sale in Studio 7 at VASA/

    *Sparkle Dance Movement fitness routine - LIVE Zoom Call participation benefit for ALL SYAMMP members in good standing

    * Decades ago - super mom with corporate career (all nighters and badminton coach, cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, wife...)

    When you are able to have a deeper engagement of self and all the necessary components that tie into achievement of your dreams and goals, you can optimize and accelerate results. Add Sparkle to that, and there is a huge potential upside to the speed in which you can achieve your desired results.

    The Sizzle Reel above, are shares of clients on Sparkle sessions they had with me. This is only about the potential of healing on different levels and of the "Instant Clarity that comes with The Sparkle Experience™. 

    BE a R.E.A.L. Sparkle Success with The Sparkle Experience [ R.E.A.L. = Radiant Empowered Aligned Leader]

    The Truth of The Matter

    Everything starts with You. Your world is a Reflection of You. What you think about and focus on, your perspectives...this impacts what you attract into your life.  

    Here’s the Good News...

    If you're in a space, feeling tired, dejected, depressed, like being a yo-yo on a string going up and down, I have been there, done that and now has tools and processes to empower you to get through these times and get moving on your life and business dreams. Yes, Dreams!  "You need to Dream In Order to Achieve. The Universe works with Your Intentions. When you have clear mind and open heart, and laser focus on your Dreams, Dreams can and Will Come True For YOU! 

    It starts with you - Be CEO of You - you know, being in Total Control of All Aspects of Yourself?  If you are also a mover and shaker and looking for answers, tired of feeling like you're the yo-yo on a string going up and down, up and down. There IS another, better Way! 

    Are You Ready? Open up to shift, change potentially transformation, at the deepest levels. Open to Going at 'er using a new approach?

    I teach you to Get Instant Clarity, to Find Purpose to Peace and Fulfilment, Using Three Simple Steps.


    It starts and ends with You and your relationships with Yourself and the people around you. How you're showing up, what you're telling yourself each minute of Every Day Does Count, more than you could possibly imagine. This IS IMPORTANT.

    The impossible becomes possible... 

    when you can harness your inner Divine Spark and then power up (get your mojo going) so nothing stops you. It’s a challenge to get to that heightened peak performance level. Once you get to Your Peak Performance, the question becomes, "How do I stay here?" Some say it's not possible... 

    Hedge your bet and see how The Sparkle Experience can help. What if you could add a little Sparkle to Your Formula? Go to a "Magical Realm" where Ruby Wight says "Being Sparkled" takes her every time!

    Do you like to start from the top 40,000 foot view and then drill down on priorities and then move back up somewhere in between, where the path leads?  Or this thought makes your head hurt? Either way,

    You've Come to the Right Place to GET EMPOWERED!

    My Mission:  “To Spare Sparkle with the masses to make the world a better place, where a “Sparkle” can be a person, a group, a business or an event."  

    Get to be a totally R.E.A.L.™ (Radiant, Empowered, Aligned Leader) with Sparkle Success in all areas of your life created by Design, by Your Design. Get Access to me in a safe, qualified community of like-minded, purposeful, heart-centered Leaders who want to create their lives by design and make this world a better place.

    Book a Breakthrough Solution Call NOW!

    CLICK ON The GOLD BUTTON BelowSerious Applicants Only Please, especially If you've already spent Lots$$$ on "Stuff" that hasn't worked for you Up to Now and this is resonating with you this far!

    If Not Now, When? If Not This What? If Not Me, Who?

    I accept only a limited number of Applicants for my one-on-one Customized VIP Transformational Mentorship. [One Year Program.]  

    Is it worth taking a few minutes of your time for a Breakthrough 20 minute Call? NO RISK GUARANTEE. What If you could regain a smidgin, a fraction, a sliver of your ideal mental, physical, emotional health, so that you can get going? Book Your Breakthrough Call - CLICK On GOLD BUTTON Below!

    Working with Michele as my business coach has been amazing! Not only has she helped me identify my values and goals, she has assisted in creating a map of how to get where I want to be…… She has taught me many tools to stay grounded and positive in this journey. I believe the greatest advantage Michele offers is the energy she brings to the table. Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious; she really does SPARKLE, and she is teaching me to do the same. It is a real pleasure working with Michele. I am grateful for her optimism, energy and wisdom."

    -Dr. Colette Boileau,  Colette M Boileau Professional Corp

    Michele’s great energy work is truly amazing. I have seen her work carry me through various phases of depression and feeling lighter, more accomplished after each passing session. Though at first I was very skeptical of this type of coaching done, I am very happy to have learnt from Michele Ho Lung. I would challenge anyone who has the feeling of being lost of overwhelmed to try this fascinating process out. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MICHELE!

    Sean Lyn, Business Professional, Kingston, Jamaica


    Michele, Just a quick note to thank you for all your help. I recall the couple times you visited Toronto, and were able to relieve my pain from a couple injuries, more specifically my severely sprained thumb and an old ankle injury. I’d quite honestly forgotten about them.

    Recently, I took you up on your offer to treat me over the phone. With the many techniques you taught me, my back ache has lessened and my decision making skills have greatly improved. I have learned to concentrate on the outcomes I desire and am seeing rewarding results. Keep up the great work! I am ever so grateful you took the time with me!

    Karen Yee, Book Keeper, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    I am convinced …this has produced the rejuvenation I am experiencing in my personal and professional life. A sincere word of thanks Michele for the session! While I pride myself on my awareness and understanding of the benefits to mind body and spirit that come with belief in possibility thinking, I was not prepared for the impact your session had on me. As you proceeded I felt totally relaxed yet highly energized. My creativity became focused and a myriad of unexpected solutions flowed clearly to mind. Now, three months later, I am convinced that you brought together a number of energy sources in a unique style that has produced the rejuvenation I am experiencing in my personal and professional life. Well done, I’m looking forward to a repeat session!

    Romeo Lemieux,  Author of Right Side UpSide Down. Professional Development Consultant / Lemieux Language & Education

    Explore Amazing Possibilities

    Mentor | The Sparkle Approach | Creator of Sparkle_MatrixChi

    If you always do the same things, see the same people, feel the same things and choose to believe that everything is almost set in stone in your reality, then Is It Reasonable to Expect that You Will be Able to Change Your Life going along in this Comforting, habitual, routine way? What Potentially can be there for you If you are able to Shift Your perspective, sometimes ever so slightly, and Embrace New and Different Possibilities? Why not invest in Yourself And In A New Approach?

    Amazing Possibilities

    If not now, when? If not this, what? If not here, where? If not me, who?

    Explore The Difference
    Michele Can Make In Your Life
    And Business

    ACKNOWLEDGE Where You Are and Get Crystal Clarity on Where You Want To Go.

    Objectively Assess Your Gifts, Talents, Skills and Purpose as YOU Can Be the R.E.A.L.™  CEO of You™ !

    [** R.E.A.L. =Radiant, Empowered Aligned Leader ]

    ACTIVATE Your Inner Spark and Brilliance as you put your plan into Action with Proven Strategies and Systems, Simple, Do-able And Effective.

    ACHIEVE Your Goals and Dreams Sparkling i.e. With A Hop In Your Skip and A Smile on Your Lips.

    You are in the RIGHT Place at RIGHT Time if You're Looking for Change, Transformation and New Amazing Possibilities...Potentially, Even Healing that you Never Thought Possible,

    You've Come to The Right Place. Only the Serious AND Heart-Centered Need APPLY.

    Deep Down, you Know It's TIME to INVEST In Yourself. Get potentially, the Shift and Transformation You've been Dreaming about for a long time.

    CLICK on the GOLD Button and Book Your Breaththrough Discovery Call NOW!

    BOOK My Breakthrough Discovery Call! [Value $1500 ]

    SYA_Mentorship Membership


    • Get Through Your Challenges to Top of Your Game
    • Learn How to Stay there
    • Get right mindset, the right tools, the right space
    • Get The Sparkle Experience First Hand

    First, ACKNOWLEDGE at levels deeper perhaps than you've ever done so, You! Where you're at, Where You Want To Go. And, with A Crystal Clarity You may Potentially Never Have Got to Before. 

    Second, ACTIVATE Your inner Spark with a Plan and Strategy that will help you Create that which you would like t

    Third, ACHIEVE with Proven Systems, Processes and Steps that are simple, straight forward and that work, in flow and with ease.


    New Training Every Month

    2 Hour Group Q&A Once Per Month

    Proven Tools, Processes & System

    Bonus Sparkle Sessions

    Apply to Join The SparkleYourAll Mentorship Membership, a community for R.E.A.L. (Radiant Empowered Aligned Leader's) learning, growth and self-mastery.

    Safe community of like-minded people With a passion and a desire to Make Moves Forward to Create their lives and businesses by Design and Not By Default.

    $2997 USD - Full/ Year Membership [Value $6997 USD).



    After One Year having made ALL the Moves, Michele Will PAY You an Additional $500 and Refund You Your Money If you have not experienced any transformational shifts and learnings that put you in a better place to create your life by Design and not by default.

    Apply To Join The Mentorship Membership

    Sparkle Sessions - As Effective As In-Person Sessions! Potentially Life Transformational

    Beautiful shifts & healing on many different levels are possible. Whether in person, or remotely - on the phone, on-line on eg. Zoom. Emotional, Mental, Physical, Cognitive and Increased Self-Awareness,, with new perspectives , more energized, calm and peaceful.

    Note: The Sparkle Experiences and results of clients shown in videos on this website are unique to each individual. Results Will Vary.

    Book Your Breakthrough Call Below to Apply to Work With Michele.

    Specific Results Cannot Be Guaranteed as. Healing energy will flow where it needs to go and each person is uniquely different.

    To save time on the call, complete all questions when you schedule your Breakthrough Solution Call. Brief descriptions e.g. type and nature of "challenges." are appreciated. 

    NO RISK GUARANTEE  to Successful Applicants for the Six Session Package: If you determine within the first 15 minutes of your first session that you do not want to continue working with Michele and/or Michele gets that she cannot work with you for any reason, you will receive a full refund of your money. 

    Quite often, results go unnoticed by clients and noticed by "close" others. This is due to gentle shifts and transformation at the deepest levels beyond your habitual level of self-awareness.

    SIX One-on-One Sparkle Session Package $2,500 USD. **Payment is Required PRIOR to the date of the First Scheduled Session. Each session is 30minutes. [Value - Priceless]  

    [Note: From time to time, an Executive Decision has been made to provide Pro Bono Sessions to Individuals. This is on Strictly an Exception Basis]

    Book My Breakthrough Call [VALUE $1500 ]

    VIP Personal 1-on-1 VIP Sparkle Approach Customized Coaching 12 Month Program

    Accountability Coach

    • Supports you on your journey,
    • Saves you decades of searching, trying to find ways to keep yourself at top of your game like waving a magic wand potentially diffuse your stressors.

    What if you find yourself feeling, being and doing better and better, with the "things" that previously would cause you to self-sabotage or hinder your progress, no longer a concern.

    Only the Serious and heart-centered Need Apply, Limited spots. 

    BASE SILVER Program... * Coaching Only [$20,000 USD ]

    GOLD... * Coaching With Sparkle Sessions included [$30,000 USD]

    **Call back Access - 5 calls/month

    PLATINUM... HOLD MY HAND Sparkle Approach * Coaching Session with VVIP Direct Call Access *** [70,000 USD]

    *** Direct Call Access 9am to 9pm 

    * Coaching Calls are typically 50 minute calls

    ** Other calls 5-20 minutes duration..


    ** Gold and Platinum VIP Packages are Customized and By Special Application due to Limited Availability.

    APPLICATION IS REQUIRED. Once application is Approved, an On-boarding call is required. If both parties agree to work with each other, Michele will design a custom program that will support you in the way you like to be supported and uplifted.


    NO RISK GUARANTEE: Michele Will PAY You $500 and Refund You ALL Your Money, if after One Year of Enrolling and Having Made ALL HER MOVES, You Have Not Experienced Any Transformational, Mental, and Emotional Shifts in achieving your Expressed Intentions set at the beginning of your VIP Program.500

    Book My Breakthrough Call [Value $1500]

    Michele's Mission : To "Sparkle" the World to Make Our World                                            A Better Place!

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