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Welcome To Autumn


Welcome to Autumn. We’re two thirds of the way through the year already with Canadian Thanksgiving already celebrated, and USA Thanksgiving fast approaching!  Autumn for me, is a beautiful time planning for the coming year, for celebrating past successes, for taking time to give thanks for what I have – the big, as well as the small things in life, and for getting grounded in who I am as I check in with myself, for myself.  What is Autumn for you?

The falling leaves signify things that need to be discarded.  This is a subtle reminder every year to review the past months from both a personal and a business perspective.

What are all the things that have gone well for you already this year?

What are all the things, people, synchronicities, opportunities, blessings you are grateful for in your life?

What are some of the things youwould like to change as you focus on the outcomes you deeply desire?

Are your goals and objectives still serving you – are these still reflective of what you wish to achieve?

If no, what needs to be changed?

How have the things you put in place, supported or assisted you in reaching those goals and objectives?

What can or has to be done to improve your results in key areas?  [some areas may be – not in order]:  Family, Work, Coach, Health, Mindset, Habits, Fitness, Support, Relationships, Environment,  Processes, Systems, Life-Balance, Team, Resources…

Stay tuned…




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