Double Sparkle Sessions

Michele and her sister, Diane work together using their gifts of MatrixChi, in client sessions.

When they work together, their clients were frequently describing themselves as feeling “Sparkly”, hence they now call their sessions where they work together,
“Double Sparkle” Sessions!

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have two people working with me?”
Michele and Diane combine talents and gifts in Double Sparkle MatrixChi Sessions.

Our sessions have been described as a musical symphony as we work at different frequencies which harmonize beautifully – and leaves our clients feeling “Sparkley”.

We are all connected over space and time.

When both Michele and Diane work with you whether in a private session or in a group, the energetic shifts are enhanced and you benefit from their synergies.
How does it get better that that?

About Diane

Wish to insert or inject your work, your business or your life with the brilliance of who you really are and have been afraid of admitting it even to yourself, up to now? Have great, imaginative, creative ideas inside of you? Or, You Know you have brilliance inside, however, you are having challenges expressing or bringing it to the surface?

If you got yes to any of these, Diane can help you to tap into your untapped creativity with more fun, ease and joy. She has a gift of feeling energetically, the blocks and limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep us shut down from stepping up and out with confidence.

Diane gently challenges her clients, to explore and discover where they want to go AND where they can go. Her clients love the thoughtful, powerful and enlightening talks as they engage in sessions with her. In person or on the phone, Diane’s attentiveness to her client’s needs at all levels is apparent as before you even know it, she is pointing out changes in your feelings, even when on the phone. It’s that simple connection and flow of thought and energies.

Double Sparkle Success Stories

Your Style is So Free and Fun!

Sparkling in personality and talent Michele does an energetic dance to your energy and Diane, slower, steady motions. You actually feel the energy of your body as an internal volume move and play. Michele and Diane work singly or together, with an individual or a group, in person or on-line. The transformation of aches, pains, thoughts and blocks are released in the process – whatever your body needs. My staph infection cleared and blocks were released and I become clearer on my focus and direction for my life. I left with a sense of relaxation and peace. And it is fun! It is amazing how I feel the energy so strongly as you work. Your style is so free and fun. We laugh and giggle together as deep work is being done.

Linda Goldsmith
Marketing Strategy and Graphic Design / GOLDSMITH COMMUNICATIONS

Double Sparkled …Over Such A Far Distance!

I live in Germany and 9 months ago I had a Hip Replacement. In spite of the Rehabilitation Work I still had some muscle pain in my upper leg and I wondered if Michele and Diane’s MatrixChi energy sessions could help me. I was overjoyed to find out that I could participate in the Double Sparkle sessions via telephone. During the first session I felt that my pain was lessening. Following this, I went to my gym class and I noticed my stride was wider and I was moving easier. After the third session my Pain was gone. I went dancing with my husband and I found myself moving so well that I danced for 3 hours straight, something I have not been able to do for a long time! It is a mystery to me how these three sessions could influence my pain and elate my feelings over such a far distance! During all the sessions I noticed feeling more relaxed and good not only in my body, but also overall as I got into a very peaceful and quiet space. It was amazing to hear others on the call in Canada, share what they were feeling on the same call, since some were the same and some were different, yet all good. Actually, what was also interesting was that one individual did not herself notice or feel anything however, another participant in the same room with her,commented that there was a change in this individual’s face (more relaxed and less stressed) and energy level (more alert). Keep up your magnificent work!

Shirley Chen
Cologne, ​Germany

I Could Feel the Energy Bubbling, Like Sparkling Wine…!

I had the pleasure of experiencing a Double Sparkle Session with Michele and Diane Ho Lung. What an interesting experience it was! At the beginning I felt very tingly and itchy. As the tension and worry started to be released, I could feel the energy bubbling, like sparkling wine, throughout my body. Then it shifted into these amazing waves of energy flowing through me. At the end of the session, I felt relaxed, happy and had an incredible sense of peace. I will definitely have another session!

Valentina Garcia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Came Away Feeling Lighter and My Spirit Refreshed!

I’m very grateful to have met Diane and Michele and to have had the opportunity to experience their healing energy. They are a pleasure to work with and put me at ease immediately. I came away feeling lighter and my spirit refreshed. It was like having a massage for my soul! I can’t thank them enough!   Liz Labolt, CA, USA

Liz Labolt
Psychologist, California, USA 

Double Sparkled!
It felt like I had taken my brain to the car wash!

After working with Michele and Diane (I got blessings through both of you), I immediately felt more clarity in my daily life. It felt like I had taken my brain to the car wash. Residual dust had been cleared away and I could suddenly recognize my own potential. Thank you Michele and Diane!

Elisabeth Swim
M.A., Houston, Texas

On Diane’s Gift and Work!
“She is Much MORE than a Coach or Guide…

Diane is a quiet force of intuition, insight and resolution. Through easy listening, her mastery is at work and quickly clarifies your own perception of reality with awareness, acceptance and gratefulness. She effectively resolved my issues. I was transformed with mental clarity with energy shifts for permanent results. Her gentile nature and skill left me felling joyful, supported and light. I look to working with her again for deep tranformations. She is much more than a coach or guide.

Linda Goldsmith