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Reflections On A Summer Day…

Hi There!

Reflections On A Summer Day…

Hi There!

I’m happy to be writing this blog on a gorgeous summer day.  I’ve been on a slight detour that took me on a journey of discovering the art within me, i.e. m“SparkleArt” – Not Just Art!   [Check it out on Instagram @SparkleYourAll].  You may have noticed my Last Post was, well, hmmm… quite a while ago.

Have you ever gotten side-tracked by something that took you off a path you had so well planned? That’s kind of, no definitely, what happened to me (sheepish- it happens to all of us) with starting and aiming to get this blog underway.  It seems so very long ago.

So, first of all, to those of you who expressed an interest in following me and/or subscribed to my email list, Thank You so much!  Please feel free to send me topics that interest you. I love finding out how I can best help those of you in my tribe!

My question/topic for this blog today is,  Who and What makes us happy?  It’s a big question, isn’t it.  Here are a few ideas to ponder.  Do you believe that someone else makes you happy?  Do you think that what happens in your day is what determines whether you are happy or not?  Do you feel that happiness resides within or outside of you?  And last , but not the least important, are you happy a little of the time, some of the time, most of the time, or all of the time?

Check my next post for my thoughts on the above – And in the meantime, do come up with your own answers… (can they post comments below?)

It has been a pleasure, to meet many of you in person.  And, for those of you who signed up on my website, a warm “Hello”.  It will be an honor and pleasure to get to know you, as we connect on this journey.

Until next time, which will be, I promise not as long as the previous post to this one

Much Love, Light and Sparkles.

Michele HL

Your Out-of-the-Box Process Thinker, Sparkle Coach/Catalyst and Artist during “Relax-times”!




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