Coaching Matters

The three areas that I love working with my clients in are:

Coach on Life Issues With The Law of Attraction & More So Clients Achieve Their Dreams!

Facilitate Clients As They Shift, Heal, Transform & Make Positive Changes With Ease

Improve Your Operations' Quality System, Engage People In Achieving Quality Results!

The Facts:

In your business and also in life, People Are your Biggest Asset AND your Biggest Challenge!  Results and outcomes depend on how people work. How much of your people’s hearts and minds are truly engaged in delivering your desired results, with the “built-in” Quality clients expect?

Why is Michele so ‘hung up” on talking about Quality With HEART, and engaging people’s Hearts as well as minds?

The simple Truth is:

When people apply themselves fully, by putting their hearts and minds, into their what they are doing the results are usually, if not always better, than having someone who is dis-interested and unmotivated doing the work. Also, more importantly, quality Cannot be Inspected into a Product or Service, It has to be Built in and some “work” is impossible to inspect after the fact.

Are you already concerned because you over hear your people saying “It’s Not My Job”, “It happened Again!”,  “This procedure doesn’t work”, “They won’t help us”, “I’m just a …”, “I didn’t know..”, “I couldn’t find that form..”, “We got the wrong…”, wouldn’t it be nice to have objective eyes to help with this?

Yet you still have been thinking that “someone” will take care of this?

The Tricky thing about this is that,

A quick fix without proper review and assessment, is not usually very effective.  Also, it takes knowledge, experience and systems thinking to properly diagnose and fix process problems.  The answer or fix, could be a simple tweak to a procedure or shift in attitudes, and not complicated.

Even if you think you can manage as you have been up to now, especially if you do not have a formally documented quality manual, wouldn’t it be worth your while to talk about how you could improve your quality management system?

Quality matters in ALL aspects of our lives

Your Quality of Life, as well as Quality in business is important.  You’re finding perhaps, that even though you strive to have work and home life balance, many times, Quality of life, especially you being a go-getter and high achiever, tends to go to the way side does it not?

The truth is that

You should be willing to admit this openly, as you are not alone in this – Even if you really want to spend quality time at home, the pressures of commitments and deadlines at work take precedence, and dominate your thoughts and you find this very difficult, even impossible to do.

Here’s the thing…

The is a slightly different way to approach this all.  It’s a tweak that leans in on the fact that there is The Law of Attraction.  It’s a positioning of YOU, Yourself, as the Numero Uno, the Number One, the First Priority in the equation of ease and joy in life.  It starts with

You already realizing and agreeing that

    • Everything starts with You,
    • Your World is A Reflection of You
    • Everything Is Energy and Vibration.

The roadmap is The Sparkle Approach with the Sparkle method of engaging hearts and minds in your life and business endeavours.

What you intend and think about impacts your life more deeply than you can ever imagine.  What you think about, focus on, you attract, so states the Law of Attraction very clearly.

Quality is commonly measured by accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency in business, not so much in our personal lives.  We tend to think of these using different checks and balances.  Even if you don’t usually think about measuring things at home by accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency, if you did, what should you be able to improve or do better because of this?

What are the Matters of Quality that would allow You to live your most free, fulfilling, purposeful and rewarding life?

Even if you have never before entertained the idea of working with a business coach, perhaps this is a good time for you to book a call.  Explore what may be possible for you taking the Sparkle Approach.  Discover the difference having a coach could make to get you to your desired changes and improvements with more ease at work, in business, and in your personal life?

You can learn how to take more control of your negative thoughts, improve your quality management system especially if you use ISO 9001 2015 as a framework, and get energized, as you get your inner Spark fired up within you.

To Your Success.  Keep moving forward to achieve your goals and dreams.

Schedule Your FREE 30 Minute Get On Success Track Call with Michele to Explore Possibilities. You have it within YOU!

Systems & Quality

Michele’s first love is to Get Results, help her clients Feel and Be Better. Second to that, is to create and design “things” that reduce stress and improve productivity with more proactive approaches to work with positive impact. Using her knowledge and insights gained re quality assurance (ISO 9001:2015 as guide),  she helps assess and improve effectiveness, efficiency and suitability of quality systems.  She will also help you engage the hearts, minds and spirits of your team in producing Quality Results.

Signs your people’s hearts, minds and souls are not engaged fully:

You have a system in place, yet you have too much:

  • rework,
  • reactive work,
  • absenteeism,
  • attitude and performance issues and
  • stress
  • finger pointing
  • “Not My Job”
  • “I don’t make the rules”
  • “It’s Not Up To Me”
  • Surprises

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more engaged team at work?

Wouldn’t it be good to have, positive changes at work so that they result in enriching your people’s personal lives and also your own?

To establish, implement and maintain Quality and a “quality” culture is part art and part science i.e. the art of engaging the hearts and minds and the the science of designing processes and systems so there is accountability, control, shared understandings, standards of performance, streamlining of inter-related processes etc.  You care deeply about your staff and their well-being is important to you.  Yes? Then, do continue reading below.  If not, do note that you cannot engage people’s hearts, minds and spirits fully, without yourself placing value on people’s well-being.

  • You have heart, and consideration of and for your team, and have a vision and a mission that is compelling? Yes?  Then there is hope.
  • Book a FREE 30 Minute Get On Track with Sparkle Consultation with Michele to discuss your issues and concerns etc. more specifically. This is a private one-on-one call.

To read what others have said about working with Michele on Quality Matters, Simply Scroll Down to the end of this page.   [Other “Success Stories” can be found under the [Success Stores] tab or by scrolling down other pages. Thank you.

Success Stories

“It had been a while….and I knew I had to do something about it because I couldn’t sleep and it was really slowing me down… and it was just like being in this cloud.  I recall just feeling uncertain and foggy about work and what was happening.  Can you put yourself there?  Think about when you are driving in a fog with all senses in alert and you just don’t know, you know it’s not good.  You think it’s going to be safe, but what if it’s not safe! The uncertainty was so foggy – knowing something wasn’t right and not being able to know what exactly was needed and feeling like being paralyzed, frozen. I was unwilling to move – still doing the motions but knowing it was not necessarily going forward.  The feeling of the business not flowing and “kind’ve stuck” keeps coming up.

Working with Michele, provided the clarity of what was going on, as well as the strength to take the step to make the changes.  This is not professional language but “to get out of the funk!” That’s the memory – how it got imprinted.  And on my side you know, it was literally effortless.  That’s the value of this, as I think it works in another plain – like looking for a parking spot and you tell yourself “I’m going to find a parking spot” and you find one right away, effortlessly.”

Gloria Williams
Business Owner, San Diego, CA

Since April 2001 when Michele wrote procedures for my department that helped us satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001 audits every year, they have served us well even though they have been challenged by different auditors over the years because they are so simple.  My small department of three, only increased by one person 13 years later, as the procedures have served us efficiently to now (June 2016), even though the number of departments and companies we do business with has grown dramatically.  She has an uncanny way of simplifying complicated and intertwined process and getting buy-in from all departments involved, so new procedures can be implemented effectively and efficiently. She has assisted me as well as other Managers in streamlining and mapping out many processes as Quality Manager and Auditor for the company. She would be the first person suggested to be “pulled in” for process or quality system issues that we needed to understand and resolve. Small in stature and always smiling, Michele thinks well on her feet and has a way of getting people to work together and get to the best workable practical solution.

Frank Rudat, Purchasing Manager, Zedi Inc.

Frank Rudat
Purchasing Manager / Zedi Inc.

Why is Michele unique and special? She is process oriented and a problem solver as she ensures processes meet intent removing pain points, are appropriate for people working with the process, and that people understand how their action affect one another.  Using proven techniques (e.g., Kepnor Tregoe) she efficiently and effectively determine actions needed and digs deep into problems and system weaknesses to ensure root causes are determined and not just masked.  She is fearless, not afraid to provide her observations and assessments, gives her honest opinion when asked by anyone, and fights for causes she believes is right and will not shy away.  She is an educator, not only training people about the what’s and how’s, but also educating them about the why’s.  Always willing to lend a hand if needed, Michele also stands up from those who might not be able to do so themselves.   Brian Zerb, Product Manager, Zedi

Brian Zerb
Product Manager, Zedi Inc.

“…A good quality product doesn’t come by chance. It requires a good process/system in place and tireless effort to control and monitor…  Michele knows how to design and implement the quality management system to meet the ISO requirement…As Quality Manager, she often upheld  unpopular positions, and it takes courage to do the right things…Michele is persistent in tracking down details, which is very important for root cause analysis and problem solving as well as for catching opportunities for improvement.  From my work experiences in different companies in three different countries, Michele is one of the best QA managers who knows how to design and implement new processes/policies and modify existing processes/policies to resolve problems in a real work environment.”                                                         Long Zhao, Senior Product Manager, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Long Zhao
Senior Project Manager, Calgary, Alberta, Canada / Zedi Inc.

“That is What a Great Life Coach Is All About… Coaching To Make Me A Better Me..”

“Thank you for all you have taught me in our sessions together. The most valuable lessons that I have taken from you are; life is what you make of it and you can have the life that you want, with the law of attraction.  I came out of a breakup when I met you… it was a very dark and difficult place to be. I had a vision of what I thought my life was going to be and then it got shattered…I blamed myself for everything.  Once I began meeting with you, it opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, what am I searching for in life? What am I willing to work with? And what is contradicting my vision of life?  You helped me take a deep dive as to what are my deepest fears and what can I do to overcome them .. Also with my career focus, you helped me sort out what I needed to do to get to where I want to be…what is amazing about you is that all was through self-discovery! You never told me what I should do or how I should live my life, but asked me the right questions that made me realize my own goals, while measuring my level of energy in the process. And I guess that is what a great life coach is all about… coaching to make me a better me.  Thank you again for all that you have taught me. I will forever be grateful that you came into my life when you did!”

Bank Manager, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

NOTE & Disclaimer: Coaching is not advice-giving, psychotherapy or counseling.  Also, there are no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied made, about any results to be achieved. The client is fully responsible for decisions and actions taken in regards to his/her life affairs. The client agrees to be mindful of his/her own well-being during the course of the coaching process and shall in no way hold the coach liable or responsible for any actions he/she takes during or after their coaching relationship.