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Get Out of the Blues! – Sparkle Helper Poem by Michele Ho Lung

The anxiety is building
and the pressure is high
You hardly even have
the energy to Sigh!

Here’s a few simple things,
Not too much to do.
Takes a little prep and mindset
To get back control of You!

But first you must decide
That YOU are “who” counts!
No matter What You’ve been Told,
Believe, Heard, or Been Sold!


So Choose to be the
Beautiful person that You Are!
And Step Out of Fear to Uncover
The Potential You, the Star!

The Burden you see
Are all the negative things,
The limiting thoughts
And the bad feelings those bring.

The heaviness of this all
Plagues our shoulders and body
As we feel all weighted down
And can’t shake it off in a hurry.

The new space:

Use your senses to enjoy them,
Like you’re there…
And it’s already happening,
and there’s nothing to do!

Now that you’re starting,
To see how different you can feel,
Take a few more deep breaths-relax,
and release all remaining stress.

Take stock, stand up straight,
with a smile on your face,
Thinking of how amazing you are,
with gratitude and grace.

As you move forward, open heart,
Welcome abundance and peace,
Do remember this little journey
to re-create this positivity space.

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