Welcome to Michele’s Gallery.   These are only a sampling of her body of work. Says Michele:

“I discovered the artist within me, not very long ago. I consider myself an “Intuitive Artist” and I play with lines, colours and patterns of flow as my paint brush grabs the paint off my palette and sometimes just brushes by or other times drums a rhythm into the surface of the canvas or wood that I am painting on.  “Abstract Expressionism” Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings on Canvas and Wood.”

She shares,  “Inspiration for my art and paintings comes from a place deep within and without, touching the edges of the Universe even (conceptually), as I connect with my passion and desire to help others and make this, our World, a Better Place.  When I decide to paint, it is from a quiet space of reflection and just being, as I tune into the energy of what is needed to be connected with that helps us all.”

People… nature’s creatures, critters, plants, flowers, trees and forests… skies, oceans, rivers, ponds, mountains, valleys… ice crystals, rocks, gems and earth, metal, wind, fire, water… beauty, colour, lines, patterns and rhythm of sounds and light… sun, moon, stars and galaxies… All inspiring…

Whether painting for herself or for commissions, she loves getting immersed in the unfolding of vibrant, flowing and energizing pieces in peaceful connected space. 

Experiential Art!  Pick a painting you like…  Then, allow yourself to just notice the colours, lines and composition.  Notice how you feel.  Follow the lines, feel the flow within and without.   It is all about feeling and noticing and allowing beauty and flow. 

Do drop in and say hello to Michele if you see her in her studio at VASA.  Stop by, have a seat and enjoy.  See if you are drawn to any of the Inner Reflections series of 4″ x 4″ acylic paintings on display and if “Yes!”, check their titles!  You may find the results interesting, fun and even intriguing!

TIP:  Have someone hold one of Michele’s paintings in front of you and rotate it 90 degrees at a time, each time noticing what you notice in the painting.  You will find that in that moment, one orientation is most pleasing to you. No way is the “right” orientation. Each is perfect.  The Choice Is Yours!

If you would like to purchase a painting and are interested in more than what are shown here, simply email or visit Michele’s Studio at VASA, 25 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you.

Michele's Studio

An Author, Coach, Speaker, her Mission is to “Sparkle the World One Sparkle at A Time”, as she helps others to feel better, be better and be more of who they wish to be.  Michele has been a Resident Artist and has had her studio at VASA since April 2017.  She currently serves, and has been on VASA’s Board since June 2017.  Michele has participated in The Whyte Avenue Art Walk, The Dragonfly Art Walk (Wabamun) and The Art In Our Park (Riverbend, Edmonton).

Two of her paintings, “Harmony and Peace” and “Endearing Love” were accepted into the VASA Members Spring Exhibition held in April 2017.   Another one of her paintings was featured in VASA’s “Magical, Mystical, Fantasy” Exhibition in October 2017.

Drop in and enjoy the art in VASA’s Main Gallery and the resident artists’ studios.   Open to the Public, Tues-Sat 10am-5pm.  From paintings in different medium, to jewelry, sculpture, cartoons and mosaics, there is a lot to see.  Only 12 km almost straight North on 170th Street from West Edmonton Mall, VASA is located at 25 Sir Winston Churchill Street in St. Albert. Admission is Free and donations are welcome.