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You are strong, self-assured, confident, self-sufficient, and think yourself to be doing quite fine on your own – more often than not.  You are a straight shooter – to the point and direct.  You say what has to be said, and strive to be considerate, tactful and constructive.

A go-getter, a natural leader, and a role model who everyone thinks has it all together at all times. You have a few things you know you need to work through… goals, aspirations and/or challenges.

You are used to getting what you wish for,  are willing to put 110% effort into making desired changes.  You totally appreciate that having the right coach, accelerates rate of change.

If you care deeply about others and helping them too, I may be the right coach for you, especially if above all, you value your privacy as I do and wish to have a safe space.  You see, I work with clients who have heart and realize that they must take care of themselves first in order to take care of others.  I feel blessed and am really grateful that I have a gift of helping my clients heal, a well as being also, a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

You are willing to admit that you’re totally “IN”, willing and prepared to put in the time and effort to get to your goals and dreams.  You also place high importance on being able to enjoy optimal health, feel totally energized and get, or continue to be your normally vibrant and energetic self.

As you check in with yourself, you know deep down you are searching.

Search no more.  Realize right now that you can gain much more clarity, find more things to celebrate, get more peace of mind and energy to do all that you might have thought was impossible,  as you engage the right Coach and Catalyst for YOU!

Don’t Stop Reading Yet...

  If you’re thinking “I don’t have time for this.. I don’t want to tell anyone about my stuff (i.e. regrets, traumas, sorrows, disappointments, frustrations, insecurities, loss, failures and deep, deep feelings), here is what is unique and different with what I offer.  It’s not just the regular affirmations, meditations, healing modalities, self-help resources  etc.

The Distinction?

  What if… you could release the deepest negative feelings and energies that weigh you down? Negative emotions and feelings manifest themselves in many instances as physical symptoms and ailings. You have read this far because this is resonating with you.   

The Distinction

Here’s the thing… When I work with my clients, most find that they come away feeling lighter, joyful and much more relaxed both mentally and physically.  I have been told that I have a gift of healing by many, of whom some are themselves “healers”.  I am grateful for this gift of being a facilitator of “healings” as I do know that there is a greater power who does the “healing”.

Here are kind words that some of my clients have written for me in appreciation of me working on them. See “Success Stories“.

It is So Easy to Connect ... The Good News...

   I am currently taking on new clients.   It is as easy as sending me a quick email so we can set up a time.   You can share as little or as much as you wish to share and your initial consultation with me, is FREE.

I look forward to chatting as it is so important to make sure that we have rapport so we can work together to achieve awesome results for you.

Like to find out more? Then request your free consultation with Michele by emailing her at Michele@mhlConsult.com.   Look forward to connecting.  NOTE:  There ARE APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE  … Do Email Michele@Mhlconsult.com if You Are Interested In Arranging a Free “Re-Sparkle Me” Consultation Call!

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“I was pleasantly surprized at how concise and easy this was to read. I go through at the end of every day and it has helped me tremendously! Thank you.”  – Karen Y, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love coaching my clients, as I hold the positive space of all that is                      possible,  expansive for them with a view always from the perspective of                     “the cup being Half Full.”

I love the energy of possibilities, the energy that is playful yet serious, powerful and effective. One client, when asked how good that feeling was, when the word “Sparkly” or “Sparkled” was suggested, the response has been “Yes, That’s it! Sparkled!” – I’ve been Sparkled!”  I help my clients feel the connection with their Higher purpose to get them to their place of “Sparkle”. I have been told by many, that they feel good after just talking to me, whether on the phone or in person.  Michele Ho Lung


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