Who I like to work with

You are passionate about what you are striving for, strong, self-assured, confident, self-sufficient, and think yourself to be doing quite fine on your own for the most part.  You are a straight shooter – get to the point and are direct.  You say what has to be said, and strive to be considerate, tactful and constructive.

A go-getter, a natural leader, and a role model who everyone thinks has it all together at all times. You have a few things you know you need to work through… goals, aspirations and/or challenges.

You are used to getting what you wish for, are willing to put 110% effort into making desired changes.  You totally get that if you had the right coach and enabler, this would enhance and make shifts happen with more ease.

You care deeply about others and will do what you can to help them.  You value your privacy and expect and are all for getting results effectively and efficiently. Could be as recently as only a moment ago, you have realized that, although you love to give of, and from yourself, that you Must FIRST take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others.

You are willing to admit that you’re totally “IN”, willing and prepared to put in the time and effort to get to your goals and dreams.  You also place high importance on being able to enjoy optimal health, feel totally energized and get, or continue to be your normally vibrant and energetic self.

As you check in with yourself, you know deep down you are searching.

Search no more.  Realize right NOW that you Can Get the Results You Desire, gain much more clarity, peace of mind and energy to do things you might have thought impossible.  Partner with me as your coach and/or transformation facilitator.  Discover and Create more things to celebrate.

Don’t Stop Reading Yet...

If you’re thinking “I don’t have time for this.  I need to get my business, career, and life on track and this sounds like “woo-woo” stuff.”   Hold that thought.

I have worked through process, systems, people and relationship issues.  Got and kept companies ISO 9001 Certified over a couple decades.  Raised a family while doing this and juggled through all of this to create The Sparkle Approach to getting things done the way YOU would like them done.  Properly, Efficiently and with Ease.

I was like you – “don’t want to tell anyone about my stuff (i.e. regrets, traumas, sorrows, disappointments, frustrations, insecurities, loss, failures and deep, deep feelings)”, “think I can do it all myself”,  “I’ll figure it all out and get it done somehow.”

Here is what is unique and different with what I offer.  It’s not just about saying affirmations, meditating, finding more time and adding more help or resources etc.  It start by YOU getting more clarity and from there, starting to take control of your ship, setting direction with intention, fueled by heart and getting the right systems and processes aligned, manned, implemented, maintained and supported. This works in your personal as well as business or corporation.

The Distinction?

You have gotten this far!

What if like many others, YOU are your worst enemy? Imagine IF… you could release the deepest negative feelings and energies that Stop you from Moving Forward when you know you should, or release those that weigh you down and keep you from feeling “In Your Power” and fully charged with Positive and Bright Go-Getter energy?

What if, along with all the technical and process know how you Know You Need To Have and can get from Other Sources, that in THIS engagement, you were ALSO able to get positively energized, yet have peaceful clarity of mind Without having to bare your soul to someone.  The DISTINCTION of working with me is that you Will be able to do this. You will Also be able to more effectively engage people’s minds and hearts in getting your desired results. I also bring special energy to the table and positivity is more than a little contageous – yes? You have read this far because something herein, is resonating within you. Book your R.E.A.L. Breakthrough Success Call to check this out.

Change and Inviting Change

Change, and inviting Change is necessary to Move Forward, and it can feel risky and unsettling, especially where there are “things” new (eg. people, equipment, resources) or new, or unfamiliar approaches involved.

Would you agree that everything around us has energy and vibrates?  That without reference to specific scientific data, that you inherently know that even the words that we speak have their unique energy and vibration?  When I work with, coach or consult with my clients, I hold a space that encourages positivity, creativity, cooperation and resourcefulness so outcomes and results are supported, nurtured and encouraged through everyone’s joint and team efforts.

Are you ready to Change and Invite Change in Your Life, Business or Corporation?

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“It had been a while.. and I knew I had to do something about it because I couldn’t sleep and it was really slowing me down… and it was just like being in a cloud.  I recall just feeling  uncertain and foggy about work and what was happening.  The uncertainty was so foggy – knowing something wasn’t right and not being able to know what exactly was needed and feeling like being paralyzed, frozen… The feeling of the business not flowing and kind’ve stuck keeps coming up… It was like the fogginess just lifted, like this cloud just opened up, like “chop, chop, chop, let’s get this done!”, and I was clear on what actions I needed to take.  Any trepidations or misgivings I had were no longer there, and, with it, the willingness to get it done!  Working with Michele provided the clarity of what was going on, as well the strength to take the step to make the changes.  This is not professional language but “to get out of the funk!”  That’s the memory, how it got imprinted.  And on my side you know, it was literally effortless.  That’s the value of this, as I think it works in another plain.  Like looking for a parking spot and you tell yourself “I’m going to find a parking spot” and you find one right away. Effortlessly.”  G. Williams, Business Owner, San Diego

See “Success Stories” for more Kind Words.

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“I was pleasantly surprized at how concise and easy this (4 Keys eBook) was to read. I go through it at the end of every day referring to it as I review my day and journal.  It has helped me tremendously! Thank you.”  – Karen Y, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love coaching and working with my clients to get their desired results through overwhelm, stress and transitions.  I hold the positive space of all that is possible and expansive for them, from a view always with the perspective of  “the cup being Half Full.”

“During Client “Sessions”, I love the energy of possibilities, the energy that is playful yet serious, powerful, allowing and inviting. One client, when asked immediately after her session how she was feeling, was at a loss for words. When I suggested “Sparkly” like champagne, her response was “Yes, That’s it! Sparkled!” – I’ve been Sparkled!”  I have been told many times when saying goodbye to people, that they feel so good having talked to me whether on the phone or in person.”  Michele Ho Lung