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Aches & Pains : A Poem – How It may be or not… By Michele Ho Lung

Got aches and pains,
And feeling tired and blue.
Tried everything there is,
And feeling unglued.

Still open and willing
Convinced there’s still answers for you,
Give us a call
See what Natural can do!

No touching required,
sometimes just talk.
In person, on phone,
In groups or alone.

We connect in the space,
Of the Universe’s matrix and time,
Where intention is worked on,
One by one, or intertwined.

Releasing regrets, traumas, fears and sorrows
All the things that prevent joyous tomorrows.
Reasons abundant, stories as well
Do these really matter, or do we just enjoy the Tell?

It really doesn’t matter does it?
Why results we get occur?
Would you rather puzzle on the how?
Or give thanks, love and live in the now?

We work at play and play at work,
In plain sight for all to see,
No hocus pocus or Magic wands
Just relax and allow and release pains away.

The singing heart, the smiling faces
The shift of chi and love connections.
There is no greater joy that Is,
Than helping others to joyful Bliss.

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