The Jump Start Analogy & Story...

Jump Start Car? ...The Why's ..

When we need to “Jump Start” our cars, it’s because the engine won’t start and the car can’t get moving.

The possible scenarios are ==>

  1. Recharge ahead of use
  2. Sometimes, Voila! The engine comes gunning back and it’s smooth sailing from there. Your battery works, it was just a little stressed and needed a recharge/re-set.
  3. Sometimes, After the Jump Start, the battery doesn’t hold the charge even though the engine is running, as it’s getting too old. You can’t rely on it when you need it – you might even need another Jump Start before you can get to your destination. You need a new battery! Then,
  4. There are times when the battery is too old (Totally Depleted) and will NOT change when you try to Jump Start it. You have to Install a new battery so you can get going again.

Your Jump Start - ``Ignite Your Sparkle``....

Now allow me please, to use the analogy of the above “Jump Start” car battery sequence to this “Jump Start-Ignite Your Sparkle” possibilities to illustrate their similarities. When you have a Sparkle Session (Jump Start – ignite your internal sparkle) the possible scenarios are:

  • You are quite heart-centered, tuned in and may just be a little “stressed” (physical, mental, emotional…). You participate in these jump start sessions and Voila! you are amazed at the results you notice and you feel wonderful and feel better than you felt before (My Wish for You!)
  • You are quite fatigued (physical, mental, emtional…), you do notice a positive difference right after sessions but then “it” seems to come back. You feel a bit discouraged – however, what if you just need multiple boosts? what if, over time, each boost moves you up, closer to the threshold where, unlike the car battery, YOU can hold the “charge”?
  • You are extremely fatigued (physical, mental, emotional…) and have been for a while or, you are totally a thinker (think about vs. feel things) and in the early days, you don’t notice obvious differences, but after two or three sessions, shifts become more visible and noticeable?

Now that you have got this, if you haven’t already, perhaps you would like to sign up for the “Jump Start-Ignite Your Sparkle” Package. Experience sparkle sessions and get to your desired outcomes and results with more ease and flow!

We encourage you to truly approach this with and open mind, heart and soul. To choose to open up to receiving and allowing all that is of highest benefit to YOU.

To Your Continuous and On-Going Sparkling!!!

Jump Start-Ignite Your Sparkle Package

Success Stories

I am convinced …this has produced the rejuvenation I am experiencing in my personal and professional life.
A sincere word of thanks Michele for the session! While I pride myself on my awareness and understanding of the benefits to mind body and spirit that come with belief in possibility thinking, I was not prepared for the impact your session had on me. As you proceeded I felt totally relaxed yet highly energized. My creativity became focused and a myriad of unexpected solutions flowed clearly to mind. Now, three months later, I am convinced that you brought together a number of energy sources in a unique style that has produced the rejuvenation I am experiencing in my personal and professional life. Well done, I’m looking forward to a repeat session!

R. Lemieux
Author, Right Side UpSide Down.
Professional Development Consultant / Lemieux Language & Education

Cobwebs cleared…. After cancer treatment (8 years before), I couldn’t seem to think straight – always foggy thoughts and I could not concentrate on anything. That is the time I met Michele. The first session, she did really help me and within 2 sessions, I was able to think clearly and concentrate. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Patricia Pierera
High River, Alberta, Canada

I was scheduled for hip surgery and my right hip was hurting me. As Michele worked on me, I noticed that my right knee was starting to feel better. I had not mentioned that my right knee had been hurting me although I would have said it was at, on a scale of 1 to 10, at an “8”where “10” was “Very Painful”. When Michele got “done”, the pain in my knee was totally gone. I was able to walk with much more ease when I got up to go home. What was so amazing was that Michele did not touch me at all. She was not working over me directly but was sitting on my left, beside me. I have not had any problems with my knee since and my hip surgery went very well! Thank you Michele!

Myrna Lee
Unionville, Ontario

My Sparkle Experience

I came to a conference on crutches. My injured foot, although getting better, was still hurting me. I was curious about the energy work that Michele did as I heard people talk about it, so I asked her about it and what happened next amazed me.

Getting to Zero:

Michele worked on me for a while and got my pain down to a 1 (I had a dinner date which I had not told her about), but Michele asked me if I wanted to see about getting to “0” as she had not got her “Done” signal yet. She continued a few more minutes and we all pain was gone – We got to “0”! My daughter who was with me said after Michele sparkled my heel: “I know that you aren’t the type of person to say that this works if it doesn’t. Do you really feel ready to walk without your crutches?”

“Worked on by an angel!”:

We left the Venue and I walked back to our bed and breakfast which was about ¾ mile away, without my crutches. I remember saying to Michele who carried my crutches part of the way, “I feel like I’ve just been worked on by an angel!” The three of us shared a moment of joy as we all enjoyed my freedom from pain.


My energy is usually upbeat. When I saw a replay of the retreat video and looked at myself coming down the stairs on crutches, I could see I wasn’t my usual bubbly self. I looked and felt tired. I think you re-bubbled me!


Both Michele and I realized that we had not completed what we needed to complete. She had asked me to write a testimonial and we both emailed each other almost simultaneously. I think this was the coolest part of the experience! I love the idea of communicating without using any of the normal routes.

Back home:

When I got to the airport the day after the retreat, there was a long delay and lots of walking. I got home and found out several weeks later that I had broken my heel, so it was back to wearing a brace and “the boot” for another month. My fracture has healed completely.


I had heard about the results people described from having energy sessions with Michele. I have never had energy work before, but I am open to the idea that there are lots of different ways of healing. The session with Michele was interesting and quite a new adventure for me, and as I mentioned, I was amazed. I am a pretty healthy person and don’t need very much medical intervention, so I haven’t ever looked for energy healing experiences. This was my first. I didn’t know what to expect but I appreciate the value I received. Thank you Michele.

Corinne Meharg
Cazenovia, NY, USA
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