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You have BIG Dreams, hopes and a deep burning desire for change in your business, career or personal life.  You wish to uncover and discover what is possible, even the impossible perhaps.  You wish to Reboot, Refocus, Re-energize, get clarity, and back on track to Get Results, feel good again in all ways, and finally have some fun on this journey you’re on!

The Truth is,

Right now, this feels a little distant.  You feel like you’re on this treadmill and you’re having trouble staying on it. Or you think your hopes are too unrealistic. You’re running out of steam, you wish to feel good again and get that fire within you, driving you forward again.  You may have questions, on operations, quality,  business processes even e.g. how they work together. You wish you had someone to ask, confide in or just be your sounding board.

The other simple truth is, you’ve read books, reached out, signed up, etc. but you’re still searching because you haven’t found anything yet that helps you to get back to or keep you in your “Zone” of high performance which you have reached before, but have not been able to regain or maintain.

Here’s the thing,

Michele can not only help you as coach, catalyst and her gift of Sparkle, she also has a wealth of other experience that includes corporate experience managing ISO 9001 Quality Systems in the Oil and Gas Industry, setting up, designing and auditing business processes.

You’ve probably realized, that how you feel and think very much affects your results at work and in business.  You’ve joined the growing number of people who are becoming more aware.  It would be useful yes, if you can to learn tools, techniques and practices that will help you manage your emotions? Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to use process to your advantage?

Even if you think you can handle your stressful times by yourself because you’re a go-getter and already check in with heart, wouldn’t it be nice to have support going through these stressful times with someone who understands you?

Michele dug her stakes in many times in her career, and tackled “qualification” challenges to prove she could and achieved results.  She faced and conquered highly active and frantic gremlins (negative thoughts) as she was being mom to her three children with a demanding corporate career.  She explored and searched out non-traditional quantum energy modalities to heal her knee after a ski accident to avoid arthroscopy.  Reiki was one of the first modalities she learnt, and after adding others to her tool kit, she was told that she had her own gift of healing. She named her gift and modality “MatrixChi”, aka “Sparkle” and considers herself, a Catalyst and facilitator of transformation and change in her client’s lives (at home and at work).  She is certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach.  Why?  Because she loves to empower others to help themselves through coaching and sharing tools, techniques and her secrets.  She still continues to do Quality Consulting, as she also loves this work.

The Truth is,

Everything on this planet has an energy and vibration, even feelings, thoughts and emotions.   The Law of Attraction simply stated, says that we attract what we think about.  It should be simple then. Think about what you want and you will get it. It applies on all aspects of our lives, even in business.

Even if you’ve tried applying Law of Attraction already and you think it doesn’t work, this is because it’s not so simple.  In your quiet alone times, do you have just a little, or a LOT of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, doubts, fears etc. whizzing around in your head?  Mastery on keeping your positivity quotient high, is the key.  Working with Michele, many clients notice differences just from having sessions with her.  For Michele, a happy client is the ultimate reward.

Each of us has an ability, sometimes latent, of tapping into our OWN Self-Healing power.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have greater clarity, feel totally empowered and move forward, to achieve your desired results with more ease?

Michele loves to help people just like you, “At Work and At Home! Why don’t you set up a FREE R.E.A.L. Breakthrough Success Call with her now to check this out? Simply CLICK  On Button to book your call.

Michele is Author of 4 Keys to Be CEO of You ebook, and the upcoming book Sparkle and Shine – Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home and Work).  She is also the author for The Guide Book and Deck of Feel Good Sparkle Cards.  She enjoys good music and photography. She lives with her family in sunny Alberta, Canada.

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Michele’s great energy work is truly amazing.  I have seen her work carry me through various phases of depression and feeling lighter more accomplished after each passing session, though at first I was very skeptical of this type of coaching done, I am very happy to have learnt from Michele Ho Lung.  I would challenge anyone who has the feeling of being lost or overwhelmed to try this fascinating process out. – Keep Up the GREAT Work Michele!

Sean Lyn, Kingston, Jamaica

A little more about...

“How?” is a question that is often asked of Michele, as clients experience healing at different levels.

Just like others with gifts and talents, this question has no other answer than, it’s from the Source, the Universe, the Creator or whomever you consider is in charge of the heavens.

Helping others to feel better and be all that they can be as they improve, shift and change how they feel and show up in their lives, is what brings Michele immense joy.

Do you wish to be more a more R.E.A.L. (Radiant Empowered Aligned Leader) individual fulfilling more of your purpose and bringing more smiles to others’ faces?  Already tried lots of different approaches, modalities, things?  What’s Just ONE More … to see what shifts are possible?

Perhaps, just perhaps, you arrived here by “accident”.  There are very few coincidences and many beautiful synchronities that happen when you are searching…

To Your Sparkling Success in finding what you’re searching for.

Video Presentation

Here’s a short video, to see what Carol Soderlund, expert “Living Color” Dyer, has to say about her MatrixChi session with Michele!  You can then extrapolate what other beautiful possibilities may unfold and open up…when  combined with coaching and additional tools and processes.